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         An ABA Organization Focused on Unique Family Needs




Family Perspectives Inc (FPI) was founded in 2017 by two Autism Dad's. At FPI, we understand the struggles that families living with Autism face. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a research-based science that is the only empirically validated methodology for treating individuals with Autism. Founded by two Autism Dads, FPI takes the concept of ABA and adapts it to the everyday family home. While ABA is a science, we understand that your family and your home is not exactly a science laboratory. Brian and Dave have experienced years of in home, in community, and center based ABA services for their children with autism. They understand what parents want and need out of an ABA agency. They have personal knowledge of the parental perspective and have set out to build an agency that avoids the typical frustrations families can face from ABA agencies.

You will have someone to speak with who is not just anybody, it's another parent like you. It is someone who knows exactly what it's like after the therapist walks out the door.  At Family Perspectives Inc, your child's ABA program will be uniquely designed by licensed & board-certified clinicians. Brian and Dave's vision is to bring the benefits of ABA therapy to your family in a non-judgmental and realistic way. Every child needs an individualized approach that will not only be unique, but also will seek to include the entire family's needs. Rest assured that you came to the right place, a place of understanding, a place where the well-known Autism community adage of "if you've met one person with Autism, you've met one person with Autism" is not lost. Instead, this saying is a way of life for the owners and has been. Bring your child to a place where two parents work to ensure that everyone understands that all families are unique and who will strive to meet those unique needs. 



Our Services

Individualized Care for Unique Individuals

*All of our services are funded by your health insurance 

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Multi-step, Multi-environment 

Home Based Services

Programming for Today's Household

Family Time
Happy Kids Huddle

Center Based Services

Fun, Social, Life Changing

Happy Kids Huddle

Center Programs

Make Friends, Make Gains

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