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Center Based Services 

Fun, Social, Life Changing


Our center based program is a full day (Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm), drop off program designed to be social, highly reinforcing, and engaging for all unique children. We have taken the most exciting parts of being a child and combined them with simulated home environments to help your child gain the skills they need to be independent. Feel free to ask our staff to tour our ABA center and see if for yourself. In our naturalized environment, you may just end up playing air hockey or watching your favorite movie on our large screens! Simulated components which may be utilized for ADL goals include:

-Bedroom: bedroom set up to practice making bed, folding and putting away laundry, and doing homework at desk

-Laundry: washer/dryer set up to practice laundry skills

-Cooking: kitchen area to practice cooking, cleaning, and organizing

Individuals will have a 1:1 ABA Clinical Associate during the program under the supervision of a BCBA and/or LABA. Each week our center based program coordinator will present a new theme of excitement and growth. They will develop skills to address the core deficits of ASD that will follow them for a lifetime. For more information about our center based programs and related groups, please contact us at 866-922-2374.

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