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Our Home, Your House


Our Family First Initiative is designed to grant parents the opportunity to offer suggestions in order to help shape the company. With the Family First Initiative, parents of FPI are invited to quarterly town hall style meetings at FPI's offices to sit with Brian and Dave to provide feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions for future groups, outings, and policies. 

Brian and Dave understand the importance of parental involvement in services and programming and are proud to offer a proactive approach to parental involvement. Some agencies offer an advisory board, but Brian and Dave believe that true transparency only comes with the involvement of all interested parents

FPI's mission is to have an ABA agency which services unique individuals and their entire families. The only way to ensure that happens is to ensure clients have access to the owners. They understand not all the topics of conversation will be positive, but that's the only way to grow and keep a family atmosphere. 

This may be the single biggest game changer in ABA services in Massachusetts. 

Brian & Dave

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