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Multi Step, Multi Environment 

FPI uses a multi-step assessment and intake process. We feel it's important to ensure that we see your child/loved one in multiple environments in order to honor who he/she is as a complete individual. We assess your child/loved one in the home, at our offices, and in the community. This multi step, multi environment approach ensures that we see the full individual they are.


Each assessment segment will take place on a different day in order to avoid assessment solely on a "good" or "bad" day. Your intake will begin with an initial interview which is required to gather basic logistical information about your family. From there, we will validate your insurance and obtain authorization for our multi step assessment. Once authorization is obtained, a staff member will contact you to set up the dates for your assessment. During assessment, our clinician will observe your child/loved and help to facilitate the time. Following each assessment, time will be reserved for dialogue with parents and other family members.


Following the three observation sessions, your clinician will utilize all information gathered to develop an individualized treatment and behavior plan. The plan is then submitted to your insurance company for approval of services. Once approved, your clinician will begin the process of pairing a clinical associate(s) with your child/loved one. Your clinician will always accompany a new clinical associate for the first session.   

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