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From Our Home to Yours


Family Perspectives Inc is a agency that was founded by two local Autism Dads with only one goal in mind: to establish an ABA agency that was grounded by people who truly "get it". We have no other perspective other than the parent/family perspective. (Admittedly, we have no choice!) Like you, one day we found ourselves with a child struggling to make sense of our world. Like you, we sat across from someone in a white coat who said the magic word: Autism. 

Since then, we have had to change our expectations of what being a parent really means and have had to make some difficult family decisions. We have had to create a new life trajectory for our children as well as our families. Like you, we continue to struggle with insurance companies, professional services, and IEPs. We have experienced first hand what the challenges that Autism can bring to a family unit. Additionally, we have experienced first hand what beauty that our children can shine upon the world! It is an amazing and wonderful gift..

Brian and Dave have been personally involved in many Autism-related causes and therapies over the years. None, however, were more important than those which directly help their children: namely, ABA therapy. While many of the professionals in our children's lives have proved to be wonderful people, we have always found ourselves craving a particular level of understanding that automatically comes with being an Autism parent. As often happens, our concerns as parents would be redirected with well-intended possible solutions. We thought that all we wanted was to be heard, but in reality we realized that all we wanted was to be UNDERSTOOD. 

While we agree that the individuals who provide ABA services on a daily basis have a much higher level of understanding than the average person, they can't possibly (through no fault of their own) truly understand the same way a parent would. 

Brian and Dave met through HMEA's Autism Resource Central, the local DDS-funded Family Support center that services over 3,000 families in 64 towns in Central Mass. Over the years, both have been active volunteers, served as committee members for various events, and acted as Board Members on the center's Advisory Board. Dave even went so far as to work there! It comes as no surprise why Brian and Dave stay involved with Autism Resource Central; there is an immediate sense of family and understanding. When there were problems that they could not solve, the staff at the center could understand them. The center feels like family.


While reflecting back as to why, the answer was simple. Most of the staff at the center are Autism parents themselves. At Family Perspectives Inc, we hope to provide to families that same feeling of understanding which we feel from the center.  We will listen to you from a place of understanding and honor your children for the unique individuals that they are.


Along the way, we have met countless amazing parents. We both agree that the best insight always comes from other parents. We have witnessed parents doing amazing things for their children and for the community. Parents, fueled by the love for their children, have formed companies, advocated legislation, and created countless opportunities for children and adults with Autism in Massachusetts. We see time and time again how Autism parents are able to accomplish anything. This is how FPI was born.  We are extremely thankful for all of the Autism "warrior" parents who have guided our path. We hope we honor you by blazing our own trail, one unique individual at a time.  

Brian & Dave

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